Samsung is one company that we are eagerly waiting for to see their next flagship smartphones. This is because we are expecting many great things from the upcoming flagship devices from the company. One trend we have seen over the past is that Samsung has been attending the CES tech show both publicly as well as secretly. Basically, we mean to say that the company keeps a secret meeting which can also be called as a private conference in which the company reveals details about its upcoming smartphones.

As we have reported earlier, Samsung is going to reveal the next flagship smartphones on February 11 but the company went on stage secretly to announce what it has in store to journalists. Now, these people are kept under a non-disclosure agreement which they have to sign meaning that they are not allowed to reveal anything which was said inside the meeting otherwise they can face legal action. However, we have seen NDAs being broken and one such was broken when an attendee took picture of one of the slides inside the meeting and shared it with the world.

The image from Ajunews shows a device from Samsung named as Galaxy Bloom which is all set to be the next Galaxy Fold device from the company. Apart from that, Samsung’s CEO DJ Koh also confirmed that the upcoming Galaxy S series phones will be named as the S20, S20+ and the S20 Ultra rather than the S11 series. Why that is the case is not known but Samsung might have wanted to get a fresh start to the decade with its new naming system and that is fine. On the other hand, we are already aware that the S20 Ultra will be the best device from Samsung this year for the first half, at least, so we are looking forward to it.


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