If you are in love with OnePlus phones, you will definitely be happy to hear the OnePlus 8 will reportedly launch on Verizon in the United States. The smartphone is going to be the first of its kind available on Verizon since T-Mobile is the only US carrier for OnePlus phones. At CES 2020, the Chinese phone maker was able to highlight their concept One Phone, which included a disappearing camera. The company also plans to unveil a new ‘screen technology’ on January 13th at an event in China.Graphics shared by the company show glass panels stacked on top of one another.

It is not yet clear whether OnePlus 8 will make of use of this new tech. However, we are sure the company might end up swapping its signature pop-up selfie cam for a hole-punch display. OnePlus 7 Prowas launched last May at a selling price of $699. This was quite fascinating since it was much cheaper than other phones in the same class. Unfortunately, this never lasted long enough since a few months later, T-Mobile stopped the sale of the 7T Pro. Instead, they opted for the less expensive OnePlus 7T that debuted in October.

In the last two years, OnePlus has been a victim of two data breaches most recently in November. During the November breach, some customer data was seemingly exposed thus interfering with their privacy. A January 2018 breach on OnePlus saw close to 40,000 customers’ credit card information stolen.  This action tarnished the image of OnePlus but they were able to handle the situation and regain their status.

Verizon is yet to confirm the availability of the upcoming OnePlus 8. This means customers will have to wait longer before they can finally purchase the smartphone from Verizon. Nevertheless, OnePlus 8 is still a smartphone worth waiting for if we are to go with the numerous features it comes with. You should however be ready to spend more in order to lay your hands on this new tech filled smartphone.



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