Apple is always seen as a company which is premium in every imaginable way. This is because Apple’s products are priced in a manner which is a notch above the rest. Also, we know that people feel that the products from Apple are quite costly but that is what the brand name is all about. And even though the Apple products cost a lot, we see that the sales conversion from them is great.

Now, it is one thing to sell new products but we know that the company is operating for a decade and they have millions of loyal customers too. This means they already have an Apple product and are looking to upgrade to a new Apple product. Since this is the case and Apple knows it, the company offers a trade-in program for its customers where if you own an iPhone or an iPad or Mac, you will be able to give it back to Apple and the company will give you some credit on your next Apple product purchase.

This is a sort of discount on your product in exchange for giving your current product and upgrading to a new one. This is seen as a win-win for both Apple and the customers since the company can recycle those parts or even sell them as a refurbished product which sells for a lower price than original. Now, we have just noticed that the Apple trade-in values for its iPhones and iPads have dropped all of a sudden.

The prices that Apple was offering earlier are no longer seen as they have been decreased. For example, you would get $600 in trade-in credit for an iPhone Xs Max but that has now dropped to $500 only. Similarly, you will now get $70 for an iPad Air which was $100 earlier. It is worth noting that Mac trade-in values have not been affected.


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