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Apple will launch its 5G iPhones in fall 2020 with both sub-6GHz and mmWave mode


Apple’s iPhones are one of the most anticipated products launching every year. We have seen the hype around the latest iPhones year after year and we see that the anticipation keeps on increase instead of dying down. Also, the fact that iPhones release in September every year means that we still have more than 8 months for the next iPhones. However, the excitement around the next iPhones is already on another level. One reason is that this year’s iPhones will have 5G support.

This means that people who are looking to future proof themselves will be most eager to buy the iPhone 2020 with 5G support. However, we also feel that the devices will cost a little more than last year’s models due to the addition of 5G technology which requires a modem. Also, it is interesting to see that Apple is already launching 5G supported iPhones when there are very few phones even on Android with global 5G support, if at all.

Now, Ming Chi-Kuo who has a brilliant track record of predicting Apple’s products has once again said that the company is on track with its plans to launch 5G iPhones in fall 2020. This tells us that the 5G iPhones are coming this year and we will have 5G support on our devices even before we have a network for the same. One interesting thing to note is that Apple must have felt great about its 5G chip which is why they are adding them. Because we know that Apple wouldn’t risk if there was something wrong or performance was not great.

Kuo also says that users will have the option of mmWave mode as well as a sub-6GHz mode on the 5G iPhones in 2020 which are two of the modes available for any 5G network. It is known that sub-6GHz networks are great for speeds but they are very unreliable whereas mmWave mode gives you far less speed but are very reliable.

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