Game lovers have a reason to put a smile on their face after Epic Games released an update for the iOS version of Fortnite. The update unlocks a niche but can also do more if you have the hardware to support it.  In fact, it comes with a 120 frames per second mode for the latest (2018) iPad Pro. Thanks to this new mode, most of the screen’s high refresh rate can now deliver ultra-smooth performance. To make it even better, the update adds support for controller thumb stick buttons.

Taking a close look at the 120 frames per second, you will immediately notice the new changes it comes with. The frame rate drops down occasionally into the 100s or 90s, which is definitely going to happen more often when playing for hours. Nevertheless, the game still delivers the advertised 120 frames per second. After you enable the mode, the resolution will drop automatically while at the same time fixing visual settings at ‘medium’. This is quite similar to running at 60 frames per second with “high” settings or 30 frames per second with “epic” settings. Even though it is a big visual downgrade, you will not have to worry about disabling text features as is the case when most people tried to take advantage of Quake 3 Arena back in the days.

Initially, Epic added 60 frames per second support for Fort nite on iOS with the launch of iPhone XS and XR in 2018. This was actually the only way to play the game at 60 fps on the go considering the Nintendo Switch version is restricted to 30 fps. However, high-end smartphones are now supporting the faster frame rate as well. On PS4 and Xbox One, the games run at 60 fps. Of course, you can run the PC version on any frame rate supported by your hardware. You are thus set to enjoy a remarkable gaming experience as long as you are using the right device.


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