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Why Most People are Into Buying Japanese Whisky


Japanese whisky has been with us for quite some time now. From Yamazaki to Hibiki, there are numerous Japanese whisky brands you can consider opting for. Despite this, you will still come across a number of people who are not fond of buying Japanese whisky. What they might not know is that they are missing out on a host of benefits. If you are in this category, then you have definitely come to the right place. In this post, we will take you through some of the reasons as to why the popularity of Japanese whisky continues to rise.

  • Numerous Health Benefits

Drinking Japanese whisky moderately is definitely going to bring about a host of health benefits.  To some, this may sound too good to be true. However, you can never know what is set to come your way unless you decide to try it out. Among the most notable health benefits you are destined to enjoy include prevention of diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, reducing blood clotting, keeping your weight in check to mention a few.  Remember, this mostly happens when you drink Japanese whisky moderately.  So, why not buy Yamazaki today and reap the benefits brought by Japanese whisky.

  • Different Styles

You probably did not know this but most Japanese distilleries are owned by two companies Suntory and Nikka. Unlike distilleries in Scotland, there is no sharing in Japan and therefore innovation can only come from within. The good news is that making a blend only means getting whiskies from one of your distilleries to another. What is even more fascinating is the fact that a bottle of Japanese whisky might have anything from malt, spice, and vanilla to herbs, honey, Citrus to mention a few.  Even though selection is limited, the quality and prices are generally high. Be sure to carry out a detailed research if you are to find a brand that works perfectly for you.

  • Online Japanese Whisky Dealers

Initially, you would have to visit Japan before laying your hands on the best bottle of whisky. Luckily, this is no longer the case since you can buy Hibiki or any other Japanese whisky from the comfort of your home. This is possible thanks to online dealers such as 11 Malts from where you can place an order regardless of your current location. Better, they will have it delivered to your country of residence within the shortest time possible.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, some of the reasons why most people are into buying Japanese whisky. If you are yet to try any type of Japanese whisky, then it is high time that you do so. Simply pay a visit to the official website of 11 Malts after which you can buy Japanese whisky. Fortunately, they have put in place customer friendly prices. For instance, you can buy Nikka Single Coffey Malt 12 years when having S$1, 199. Visit their online store and find out more.

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