After releasing its second versions of truly wireless earbuds, the Galaxy Buds Plus, earlier this year, Samsung is now bringing some of their functionality to its original earbuds, the Galaxy Buds. The company has already rolled out an update that will make it possible of Galaxy Buds to connect to multiple devices at once. Better, they have a support for Microsoft Swift Pair that pairs Windows 10 devices and Galaxy Buds more quickly.

If this is not enough, the Galaxy Buds will also support ambient sound automatically. This means sound can easily pass through the earbuds even when you are listening to content. However, this does not imply the Galaxy Buds are noise cancelling. Instead, the ambient mode puts a lot of focus on ‘important’ sounds thus making sure listeners do not get lost in their audio content and missing what is taking place.

Samsung has also opted to bring about its Spotify partnership to the Galaxy Buds. Through this action, listeners can tap to launch Spotify while at the same time listening to any audio content they were previously consuming. All one has to do is tap and hold the buds to start recommended playlists from Spotify. Again, this feature was first made available with the Galaxy Buds Plus, which came out in 2019. However, they were not received very well.

Fortunately, the Galaxy Buds Plus has improved some of the issues present in the original pair by adding more hardware and features. Despite this, they still lack noise cancellations and are not as sweat and water-resistant as some of the products from Samsung biggest competitors. This has in turn given their competitors a bigger advantage considering no one would want to buy earbuds that give you a hard time even after spending so much.


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