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Local SEO techniques are not incompatible with the local positioning of your website, quite the contrary! It is important that your website complies with the basic principles of SEO so that it also positions itself locally. Basic principles of SEO positioning include page loading speed, hosting, web optimization, user experience, and quality backlinks and so on. Regardless of whether you want to position your website in the local positioning, loading times are essential to improve your visibility in search engines and your website is shown among the main search results.

It is very important if you do not want to have problems with your website every two by three or slow or load problems that may affect its operation, and of course, its positioning in Google. For example, for a basic website our SSD Hosting plans are a good choice, although if you have a larger e-commerce or have a drop shipping business, you may need a more advanced service like our VPS SSD Servers.

A website optimized at the code level, loading times or using a good cache plugin will help you to better position your website not only globally, but Google will also value it if you want to position your website in the local market. Having a website with good usability and at the same time being accessible is vital if you want your visits to have a positive experience, repeat on your website and convert. Purchase marketing1on1 local SEO packages for the business growth.

The same happens as in the previous cases. They are not only necessary if you want to position your website globally, Google will assess in any case that other sites mention you, recommend you and include a link to your website. The blogs are essential for a strategy positioning SEO. We will explain the importance of this tool to avoid falling behind in the fight for the first places in search engines and gain ranking in Google. We will start by explaining what SEO positioning is and why it is important.

Basically it consists of the set of actions that we can develop on our website aimed at improving the positioning and visibility of our website in the organic results of Google, mainly, and appearing at the top of the different search engines. An SEO strategy is the work to improve or increase the visibility of a website in the organic results of the different search engines. This web positioning discipline covers a whole set of actions, techniques and tools to achieve this goal.


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