26th June, 2020 – Running a website is not easy task whether it is a simple profile website, a blog, a business website, or an ecommerce online store. Security and trust of your website is of utmost important because customers or visitors always trust the secure websites.

SSL Certificate ensures the secure browsing and green lock in browser address bar assure visitors that they are on safe website else browser display “not secure” tag for websites not using the SSL certificate.

The moment when you decide to buy SSL certificate there is big question – which type SSL certificate to buy? Which is best for my site? Can I get cheaper one? Should I go to costly ssl certificate? Whether DV or EV? Wildcard?

Answering these questions here are some thumb rules from experts and users who have done it earlier so many times. Their experience and straight forward comments not only make our decision more precise and accurate but also save our time and money.

Domain Validation SSL certificate or DV SSL certificates are used for non-commercial websites like profile website, blog, school website, small business profile website and educational websites. These certificates are issued by various CA in various price ranges depending on the additional features, but the basic cheap SSL certificates still works fine.

It is recommended to use organization validation (OV) or extended validation (EV) SSL certificates on ecommerce online store and organization websites. These certificates are highly trusted by browser and hence by site visitors. EV SSL certificate price is little higher as compared to DV SSL certificates.

A wildcard certificate used when website is using sub-domains and you are willing to secure one or more sub-domain on the website. The wildcard certificate also secure your main domain, so if you purchase a wildcard it will work for your main domain as well as all sub-domains including ‘www’.

Another major concern while choosing SSL certificate is its brand, pricing of ssl certificate also varies from brand to brand. The brand offer higher customer trust is Symantec SSL then GeoTrust SSL and Sectigo SSL while brands like Thawte, Certum and RapidSSL are situated on lower side on scale of customer trust.

Many people also ask about validity period, whether they should buy for short period or for long period like two years or more. Experts suggests that one should be always go for long validity period not only because it is cheaper but also reduce reinstallation headache and minimize chance SSL expiry.

Now a day’s SSL certificate is like a backbone of your website as this is first and most important thing to do when you start marketing of your website. These quick tips certainly help you to fetch the best certificate for your website like a professional SSL expert. Sometime your hosting providers also provide SSL certificates but there you have no option to select from variety of certificates.  If you are still living without SSL or looking for a SSL certificate for your website, just go for it and secure your website right now.


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