For many people, the world of tattooing is simply a complicated realm. What most fail to realize is that it’s a space where health, beauty, technique and body strength flourish. Better, tattoos can serve as a daily reminder for something you hold dearly or a life-changing event you value the most. Of course, for your new tattoo to last, before-after care is vital. This should not only entail internal preparation but also external aftercare. No wonder, you should consider investing in tattoo aftercare products for things to turn out the way you expect. That aside, here is what you should do after your appointment.


Clean Your Hands before Touching Your New Tattoo

Most professionals have their own personal set of tattoo aftercare instructions. However, one piece of advice that is going to remain constant is to touch your tattoo using clean hands. It would be better to start by listening to the verbal directions from your tattooer before referring to the written directions. Keep in mind washing hands does not mean the three-second rinse most people are accustomed to. Instead, rub your palms for 20 seconds or more. With clean hands, you are free to touch or apply tattoo aftercare lotion without having to worry about anything.


Apply Ointment

It is with no denying that every artist has their own tattoo aftercare ointment. However, this does not mean the tattoo artist should force you to use the ointment yet it is way above your set budget. Ensure you do not over-medicate the tattoo by applying too much ointment. Actually, doing this is only going to clog the pores while at the same time creating a rash that would definitely affect the healing process. Be sure to use the best tattoo healing lotion if it is to deliver the right amount of moisturization without suffocating.

Let it Heal

The duration it takes for your tattoo to heal fully depends on the size and execution of the tattoo. One thing you should always remember is that tattoo with colored ink tends to take longer to heal than non-colored tattoos. This is mostly the case when it is on the inside of a joint or large in size.  Nevertheless, the healing time of a tattoo should be around six weeks. Continue using tattoo aftercare cream as instructed even when the art begins to peel and it feels uncomfortable or itchy. At no time should you pick or scratch the design as it is only going to make things worse.


The Bottom Line

It is natural for your tattoo to go through changes as time goes by, which include fading. For this reason, you need to invest in the best tattoo healing cream as it speeds up the entire process. Furthermore, avoid prolonged sun exposure since it is damaging to your art. For tattoo aftercare, you need to wear a sunscreen with an SPF of 35 thus protecting it at all times.


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