DC Motor Parts

How DC motor works and advantages of DC motor. Apart from this there are many applications of DC motor. Direct Current (DC) and Alternate Current (AC) are the two basic current sources which convert electric energy into mechanical energy. These are highly used in different mechanical fields, from a small device or a toy to large machineries. Before starting the discussion lets us understand what is DC motor?


Answer to what is DC motor is- a DC motor is a device that converts direct current into electromechanical or mechanical current which controls the flow of electricity in the devices. There are many types of DC motors- permanent magnet, shunt, series, brushless and compound wound. These are some types but the working principle is different in all of these. The basic function of DC motor is current carrying conductor in magnetic field which helps the device to rotate and hence generate mechanical energy. The working of a DC motor can be better understood by the diagram, representing all the parts and also the working of each part.


A DC motor has few basic parts, only the arrangement of these parts result in different working style and different applications. From DC motor diagram we find the few basic parts are- stator, rotor, poles, yoke, field windings, armature windings, commutator and the terminals. These all work together to make DC motor work efficiently. The defect in any of these parts will directly affect the working of DC motor. The DC motor designs have been used in different applications of DC motors. These designs are independent of other, permanent magnet motor, shunt motors, series motors, compound motors. These motors have huge potential to make a device work efficiently. All of these designs have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can select from any of these types to make your device work properly.


DC motor commutator is the very important part; that helps in smooth working of a device. As a magnet has two poles-north and south poles, magnet works on a basic principle it attracts opposite poles and repels the same pole. Same is the working of DC motor commutator. The basic function of commutator is acting on the torque in the same direction to flow electricity in the coil. Commutator is the operating system of DC motor. The coil between the armature and field windings produce an electric current. At the one side of the coil current is flown towards while at other side current flows away. This makes the rotor work and rotational motion help in generating current; and make machine work.


DC motor has great advantages in many fields form toys to large conveyor belts, robots, cars, pumps etc. DC motors are beneficial for small mechanical toys where a constant speed is required like trains, remote controlled toys. These are readily used in many other large appliances where it is necessary to control the flow of current. The maintenance of DC motor is very easy and cheap as compared to AC motors.


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