IRobot has announced what they term as the biggest software upgrade to its robot vacuum cleaner ever since they first ventured into business. The new AI-powered brain, iRobot Genius Home Intelligence, is expected to change the way homeowners vacuum. This significant upgrade is part of their big change in how iRobot develops its software. Better, it gives them a competitive advantage over their rivals with sophisticated software. In a nutshell, users get a robot they can easily control.

Initially, users only had to press a button and let the robot vacuum cleaner do the job. However, things are totally different with the new AI-powered brain considering users can be more specific with their needs.  Well, this comes as a good news at a time when most people are stuck indoors and would most likely want their home to remain sparkling clean and smelling good at all times.

Thanks to this improvement, not only will you use compatible Roombas in mapping your home, but they’ll now make use of built-in cameras and machine vision in identifying specific pieces of furniture in your home. As the iRobot detects these objects, it will make suggestions to the homeowner to add them as ‘clean zone’ in its internal map.

For those who would love to do a quick vacuum right before leaving the house, then you can simply connect the app to a location service like Life360 or August smart lock. The Roomba will then automatically know when to start cleaning.

Other notable features you’ll certainly fall in love with include recommended cleaning schedules based on usage, customizable pre-set cleaning routines not forgetting the seasonal cleaning schedules. Nevertheless, these features are not available to every Roomba, but rather those which support mapping features.