The kitchen is by far the most essential part of a good house. There’s a popular saying that ‘Kitchen is the Heart of a House’ and whoever said that, it is one hundred percent true. It’s that one room in the house that everyone loves and spends a portion of their time on an everyday basis. Be it the kids sneaking in for some treats hidden in your beautiful mid-century modern kitchen cabinets, grandmas baking their special cookies, or the older kids rummaging the refrigerator for a healthy smoothie or a post-workout drink, there’s always constant activity going on in every kitchen.

The Kitchen is the place where you cook your food, share it with your friends and family, and create beautiful memories with your loved ones over a meal. But for you to have all these experiences, you should have a proper kitchen that is highly organized, functional, and resourceful. But here’s the deal with us. We all want a kitchen that is vast, spacious, fully stocked, and organized, but we never want to actually spend any time cleaning or organizing it, right?

So here’s our secret tip that can make your kitchen look great all the time without any extra effort. When designing and decorating your kitchen, pick color, and patterns that make your kitchen look clean and minimal. You can color coordinate the colors for your walls, your wooden mid-century kitchen cabinets, or your marble countertops, the choice is yours.

Additional Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Functional, Resourceful, & Aesthetic

We all know that all colors signify different qualities. Like red symbolizes love and passion, while yellow symbolizes hope and positivity and so on. So, when deciding the color scheme for your kitchen, pick some neutral color that can give your kitchen a very neat and organized look. One such great color option for you is grey.

Traditionally some people associate the color grey as boring or dull, but psychology shows otherwise. Grey color is used to represent balance and neutrality. It’s also considered to be a very conservative and elegant color that can be used to add a touch of mystery to any surface. Here are our top five reasons why adding some grey accents like grey kitchen cabinets is a smart idea:

  1. It provides a great contrast against other colors

Grey is a very neutral color and hence works well with a lot of other colors. You can combine it with bright colors like reds and yellows, to give them more attention or you can pair it with paler colors like whites and creams to make grey the center of attraction in your kitchen. So if you have light-colored walls, you can paint your mid-century modern kitchen cabinets in a grey color. And if you have beautiful dark-colored cabinets, consider painting your walls a light grey shade.

  1. Grey gives your kitchen a very luxurious and stylish look

By using shades of grey color in your kitchen, you can easily transform it into a very sophisticated and luxurious space. You may have noticed that grey is often used in a lot of magazines and photoshoots, making everything look very lavish and expensive. It’s also a great color if you want to make a big statement in your kitchen. It could be your wood-carved mid-century kitchen cabinets or a piece of art that you hang in. Using grey color makes everything looks more classy.

  1. You get multiple finish options for surfaces with a grey color

One very important step while designing your dream kitchen is to pick out the textures and finish for different surfaces. If you decide to go with the grey color, you get to choose from metal, wood, concrete, plastic, glass, marble, and a few other alternatives. Unlike other colors where you have to settle with just limited options, grey color offers some unique finishes like metal and concrete. So, whether you are considering a concrete island or glass doors for your mid-century modern kitchen cabinets, experiment away.

  1. It’s great for highlighting your other kitchen appliances and accessories

If you are someone that has a collection of cute and fun looking appliances that you love to display in your kitchen, then grey is a perfect color for you. It could be a vintage toaster or a set of beautiful china jars, and anything can look more bright and eye-catching against a grey backdrop. This means you can add a colorful fruit bowl on your island or display your teapot or coffee machine by your grey mid-century kitchen cabinets to highlight their presence.

  1. Grey is suitable for all types of weather conditions

Yes, grey is a neutral color, but it also has a versatile shade range giving you both cool tone and warm tone color options. So by choosing the perfect combination of different shades of grey for your kitchen, you don’t have to worry about it ever looking ill-fitting. For example, colors like green and yellows look great throughout the summer but may seem too bright for winters. But by choosing kitchen décors like grey kitchen cabinets or wooden shelves for your pots and pans, you can be tension free all year long.

After going through the information shared above, we are sure that now you feel confident enough to introduce the color grey into your home and especially your kitchen. You can start by adding some grey kitchen cabinets or installing a beautiful grey marble countertop or experiment with the wall paints. The options available to you are vast or simply endless. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your new modern kitchen with some grey accents and be prepared for the ton of compliments coming your way for your gorgeous grey kitchen all year round.


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