Preeclampsia is one of the conditions that gives pregnant women sleepless nights. This condition only occurs during pregnancy and is accompanied with symptoms such as protein in the urine and high blood pressure. You should, however, keep in mind high blood pressure can be a sign of a different problem other than preeclampsia. In this post, we will take you through some of the things you need to know about preeclampsia. Read on and clear any doubts that you might be having in mind.

How do I Know If I Have Preeclampsia?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions by pregnant mothers. Well, the moment you go for prenatal checkup, your healthcare provider will start by examining your blood pressure, and urine levels. If this is not enough they may conduct blood tests to check if you have preeclampsia. Other tests that your healthcare provider might be obliged to perform include ultrasound scan, Doppier scan and checking blood-clotting and kidney functions.

What is the Treatment?

Even though most women dread preeclampsia, it can be treated easily. Actually, it is not surprising to come across preeclampsia success stories online. Nevertheless, the treatment options depend on how close you are to the delivery date. If you’re close to your due date, the health care provider will try to deliver the baby as soon as possible.

For those with mild cases and the baby is not close to full development, your healthcare provider might ask you to increase prenatal checkups, include more protein in your diet or even consume less salt.  In case of a severe case, the doctor may make use of high blood pressure medication until you’re able to deliver safely. Be sure to follow your doctor’s recommendations to the letter if everything is to turn out as expected.

The Bottom Line

Even though there is no known way of preventing preeclampsia, you can control the factors that lead to high blood pressure. The secret lies in following your doctor’s instructions about diet and exercise. Fortunately, most women are still able to deliver a healthy baby provided preeclampsia is detected earlier and treated with regular prenatal care.

Never let preeclampsia be the reason behind your headaches yet you can seek the help of professionals. If you want to read preeclampsia success stories, simply check out Roche diagram online platform at any time of the day.


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