Competition will always exist regardless of the industry you chose to venture in. Things are no any different when planning to start a coffee shop business. Without understanding what it takes to beat the competition, you might offer the best instant coffee but still fall down the pecking order. This is something that you never want to hear or face especially after investing a lot of money in the coffee business.

Among the biggest factors you have to consider before starting a coffee shop business is the location. In fact, the location of your business plays a vital role in the success and that’s why you should never skimp on it. Here are some of the most important things you need to watch out for when choosing a location.


Even though it might sound obvious, it does not come as a surprise when you find some entrepreneurs forgetting about it. To achieve business success, look for a location where the majority of people like taking coffee. After all, there is no essence of preparing the best Colombian coffee or the best Cuban coffee yet no one is going to buy.

A good location for your coffee business should comprise of populations such as college students, lots of workforces, shoppers, and parents. If you choose a location that is convenient enough, you’ll never regret your decision of buying the best Mr. coffee espresso machines.


Aside from the demographics, be sure to keep a close eye on the available competition in your location of choice. If you settle on an overly saturated market, high chances are you will never succeed even if you sale the best dunkin donuts coffee. That’s why you need to make sure the location has no close-by Drive-Thru shops and no or few chain store shops. With such a location, it is never going to take long before customers start flowing in to have a taste of the best bizzy organic coffee.

Final Thoughts

The location you settle on when starting a coffee shop business is always going to play an important role. Be sure to carry out a market research and analysis and understand what it takes to achieve business success. After all, there is no way you can sale the best Lavazza coffees or the best Starbucks coffee yet no one is willing to visit your coffee shop.