Not matter how flashy a woman dresses, their outfit will never be complete without a piece of jewelry. In fact, some women tend to spend fortunes on jewelry simply because they want to leave a fashion statement. After all, they transform their appearance and leave them looking graceful.

Unfortunately, this is not going to be for long especially if you do not give your jewelry the attention it deserves. Just as is the case with any other precious item, womens jewelry loses their luster or break over time. That’s why proper care must be top of your priority the moment you buy a piece of jewelry. Here are useful tips to employ if you are to extend the lifespan of your jewelry.

Clean Your Jewelry

It is common for spots and scratches to appear on a piece of jewelry after using it for a few months or years. Rather than lettingthe sparkle and lustrousness of your jewelry fade away, you need to clean it. Keep in mind there are different ways of cleaning your piece of jewelry depending on the material it is made of.

For instance, you can use a detergent bath when cleaning diamond jewelry. All you have to do is add detergent that doesn’t have soap in it to warm water before soaking the diamond jewelry in the bath. Scrub the diamond jewelry gently using a brush and use a dryer to dry it. This action goes a long way in making sure you increase the lifespan of your diamond jewelry.

Keep them in a Safe Place

Truth be told, there’s no way you can store your pieces of jewelry in any place you find appealing and still expect them to serve you for years. Without keeping them in a safe place, chances are you’ll never get good value for you money.

To be on the safe side, invest in a jewelry box and keep all your jewelry in it. Of course, this is after cleaning the jewelry since any dirt or spot present is only going to make things worse.


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