BEVERLY HILLS – Achieve, work harder, be a go-getter pursue. Even though these concepts are very familiar among entrepreneurs and not inherently bad, they have the potential to knock us on our backs if not kept in the right context. And the context includes prioritizing things based on their level of importance and believing in God to accomplish them all. Well, this is true for Sr. Roy Andrade, the brain behind Cyber Boy Corp. and he doesn’t show any sign of slowing down either.

During 2021, while the world was battling with the COVID-19 pandemic, Sr. Roy Andrade set an example of courage and optimism by choosing to stay calm. After witnessing the threat posed by cyber attackers, he decided to start Cyber Boy Corp. on March 20, 2020 and has never looked back even once. Headquartered in Beverley Hills, the company has overcome all odds to build a strong brand that Principals can trust, and competitors cannot steer clear off.

Although the road to success has been bumpy for Cyber Boy Corp, Sr. Roy Andrade has his hard work and belief in Jesus Christ to thank for who he is today. Having himself faced the consequences of not having a disaster recovery plan prepared, he looks forward to helping business owners mitigate this risk. Through Cyber Boy Corp, Sr. Roy Andrade is helping businesses enjoy a safe working environment.

Of course, he has also felt the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic after losing more than $750,000 in common stock, but this did not stop his quest for achieving success. The losses occurred after both JCPenney and Frontier Communications filed for bankruptcy. But all this is in the past now as he has invested heavily into Macerich, a real estate investment trust, headquartered in Santa Monica, California. Well, with the trust he has put in God and hard work, the future is certainly going to be bright.

In Conclusion

Sr. Roy Andrade, the founder and CEO of Cyber Boy Corp is a true embodiment of what success means even when all lost seems to be lost. Provided you believe in God and double up your effort, be rest assured your road to success will not be that bumpy. Keep in mind faithfulness entails faithfully fulfilling all the roles that God has given you.

The moment you embrace that, you’ll certainly find that the crush burden is lifted off your shoulders. For Sr. Roy Andrade, the sky remains the limit as he looks to take Cyber Boy Corp to greater heights.

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