Shaker style cabinets have become more popular in recent years. If you’re tired of neutral colored cabinets that don’t have much personality, a shaker set could be the perfect change. Today’s cabinets come in a variety of colors, patterns and finishes that allow you to easily update the look of your kitchen. To help you decide what you should have in your next cabinet, here are a few tips:

There are several colors and finishes to choose from when choosing white shaker kitchen cabinets. Depending on your design preference, you’ll likely find one that works for you. Transitional Themes another great thing about shaker style cabinets is the range of choices available. You can match these cabinets to various colors in your kitchen or use a single color throughout the set to create a clean, uncluttered look. Transitional looks best with stainless steel appliances and white countertops.

Paned-Panel You can also choose between single-panel and paned-panels in white shaker kitchen cabinets. Single-panel cabinets have the appearance like they’ve been assembled on a frame. Paned-panels have glass sides that allow sunlight to stream through, giving the impression that the panels were assembled as a whole.

Quartz Countertops While many people think of white shaker kitchen cabinets right alongside white countertops, quartz countertops aren’t actually a substitute for solid surfaces. Although they are a relatively cheaper alternative to solid surfaces, quartz countertops are still unique. Because of their “quartz” appearance, some say they resemble crystals rather than wood. They can be a good choice if you plan on doing a lot of entertaining around the table. If you are choosing white kitchen cabinets right alongside quartz countertops, be sure to pick countertops with similar patterns, such as mahogany or cherry.

Granite If you want a traditional look but don’t want the expense of natural stone, consider installing white cabinets next to your granite countertops. The two materials will create a rich and contrasting contrast that will enhance the beauty of your home. However, if you already have granite counters, it may be easier to install your cabinets against them. Be sure to measure your countertop first before you start laying out your new cabinetry so you’ll know how much space you’ll need to work with.

Cabinet Package Shakers is known for their affordable custom kitchen cabinets, so it’s easy to see how they can offer great value. You can find these packages online and in specialty shops, which will typically include a granite top, custom cabinet door, matching handles, and more for a per linear foot installed price. This is a good way to save money on your kitchen cabinets without sacrificing quality, as the cabinets are made to last for many years.

white shaker kitchen cabinets if you prefer more simple design, white shaker style cabinets may be the best choice for you. These cabinets are made using a single sheet of wood with a standard cabinet bottom and top, so the components are one unit. These cabinets are a good choice for people who want to create a unique look in their kitchen but do not have the budget for natural stone or granite countertops. White shaker style cabinets can be installed in any kitchen, so they are a practical choice for any home.

Transitional Kitchen Cabinets are a great option if you are looking for a more organic, rustic look to your kitchen. Because they consist of two panels that connect to each other, they create a horizontal seam along the bottom of each panel. The advantage of transitional kitchen cabinets is that they offer the benefits of granite countertops while still being cheaper than authentic materials like granite. Quartz countertops can be a bit more expensive than granite countertops, but they are available at a fraction of the cost.


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