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Where can I use Bitcoin to pay for W88?


There are a variety of ways to obtain Bitcoin:

  1. You have a chance to win it at W88Club.
  2. Purchase something from someone you know in exchange for cash.
  3. The most convenient location to obtain a cryptocurrency exchange.

In regards to the first point, you should be aware that you can make a deposit with your credit or debit card and subsequently cash out your Bitcoin wins. To make things easier for you, I’ll write this article as if you’re going to deposit and play with Bitcoin. Consequently, you will almost probably need to purchase it through a bitcoin exchange.

For newcomers, I recommend Coinbase, which is a cryptocurrency exchange. Crypto purists may find it irritating, but if you’re reading a beginner’s guide to playing with Bitcoin, I can only presume you’re not one of them.

Follow the steps outlined below to purchase your first Bitcoins.

  1. To get started, visit Remitano.com and create an account. Due to the fact that it is a legitimate and legal cryptocurrency exchange, you will be required to give a copy of your official identification in order to prove your identity.
  2. Choose Bitcoin from the list of available assets and press the Buy button. After determining how much money you want to spend, select your preferred payment option.
  3. Enter your credit/debit card information in the same way you would for any other purchase. For starters, you may have a credit limit on your account, which limits the amount of money you can spend.
  4. Confirm that you are making the purchase. Your newly purchased Bitcoins will be in your wallet within minutes of making the purchase.

Wallets and Transfers are the most important aspects of Bitcoin.

Some people find it tough to get started with Bitcoin transactions, but I tell you that it is far less complex than it appears. First and foremost, keep these “big picture” facts in mind before proceeding with the full explanation on how to utilize Bitcoin.

  1. Bitcoin is a form of electronic cash that is transferred from one person to another. It’s similar to the money-based version of Napster.
  2. Bitcoin is sent to and from wallets through the use of a bitcoin address.
  3. It is possible to open many wallets at the same time.
  4. Every Bitcoin transaction incurs a modest network charge, which is deducted from the transaction amount.
  5. It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete a Bitcoin transaction.

Understanding the following section should be easy now that you are familiar with the Bitcoin facts. To simulate sending Bitcoin from your exchange wallet to a Bitcoin gaming site like WW88, you must pretend you are doing so.

Payment of Bitcoins into the W88 Account

As previously stated in the preceding section, I am assuming that you have already purchased Bitcoin. Your exchange wallet will stay in your possession until you transfer it. The first step is to obtain the Bitcoin wallet address associated with your w88.

  1. Log into your favorite Bitcoin gaming website and start playing. Bitcoin should be selected as your preferred cashier payment option.
  2. Copy and paste the address of your w88vn Bitcoin wallet into the text box. Don’t even bother trying to type it manually. If you make a mistake, you will lose all of your Bitcoins.
  3. Return to Remitano and link your account to your existing one. Make a selection from the “withdraw” menu in your Bitcoin wallet.
  4. Input the Bitcoin wallet address from which you wish to withdraw funds. You’ll be able to keep your bitcoins at this location.
  5. Verify that the address is correct by checking it twice more. Fill up the blanks with the amount of Bitcoin you want to send. After you have confirmed the transaction, you must wait for your Bitcoin to arrive.

How long will a Bitcoin transaction take and how much will it cost are two important questions to consider.

Your Bitcoin will be delivered to your w88 account within 10-15 minutes of receiving it. The cost of a transaction fluctuates depending on how busy the network is, but it is normally in the neighborhood of $5 these days. However, though this is more expensive than many other cryptocurrencies, it is the price you pay for using the most secure blockchain, and it is still significantly less expensive than the 6 percent credit card fee.

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