Chances are you probably know about the different types of misting systems available on the market. The vast majority of DIY home kits for patio or deck misting systems make use of a low pressure system. What this simply means is that the pressure through the system is simply the water pressure from the plumbing system in the home.

To be regarded as a high pressure misting system, a separate pump needs to be used to boost the pressure from the water intake line. In most cases, the pump has to provide at least 1000 psi. This is needed to produce the large volume of the mist. That said, here are some of the things to consider with a high pressure misting pump.

The Pump

By now you should already be aware of the fact that there are different styles, designs and sizes of pumps central to any high pressure misting system. Most pumps tend to be direct drive or pulley drive, and a true industrial pump. When sourcing for pump, ensure they are manufactured to work 24/7 with limited maintenance needs, high efficiency and safe operation. It is then that they can serve the intended purpose without causing any issues.


Aside from the pump, you should also factor in the nozzles when looking to invest in a high pressure misting system. The most common type of nozzles is made from either brass or stainless steel for use in any system available on the market. However, you must also think about the nozzle adaptors as they also play a vital role in the smooth operation of your high pressure misting pump. Fortunately, most dealers offer a great selection of nozzle adaptors including extensions, plugs and clusters.

The Bottom Line

Having a clear idea of the things to consider with a high pressure misting system goes a long way in making sure your decision is well-informed the next time you visit a company that specializes in industrial equipment. Keep in mind the dealer you settle on also plays a vital role when it comes to the high pressure misting pump you end up buying.

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