Kitchen remodeling can be a tough task if you don’t know where to begin. However, if you get it right, you will always find it easy along the way. Most homeowners are always stuck between getting RTA kitchen cabinets or assembled cabinetry. The choice that you make depends on many factors such as cost, flexibility, and time among others.

In modern times, homeowners are comfortable with RTA cabinetry as they offer many benefits. We will explore the benefits of RTA cabinets and how you can use them to improve the appearance of your kitchen.

What are the benefits of RTA cabinets?


The top reason why most homeowners prefer RTA cabinets is that they are cheaper than ready-made cabinets of the same quality. The reason why they are cheaper is that you become part of the manufacturing process through the assembling, thus reducing the overall cost of production for the furniture company.

A wide variety

RTA cabinetry has a variety of options from which you can choose. The wide range of options allows homeowners to experiment with new cabinetry styles.

Easy to ship

It is also easy to ship RTA kitchen cabinets because they are packed in dismantled units. This means that you can easily get cabinetry from abroad and get it shipped to your location.

Tips to get the best from your RTA cabinetry

If you have invested in RTA cabinetry, you should follow these tips to get the best out of your kitchen remodeling:

Read instructions before you begin assembling

It doesn’t matter whether or not you have assembled cabinetry units before; instructions must be read. Reading the instructions will make things clearer for you to work effectively. If there are video instructions, watch them as you assemble your cabinetry.

Have all the needed tools

You should ensure that you have all the needed tools so that you are not stuck along the way. RTA kitchen cabinetsis precise and if you destroy a single unit, you might have to buy a new set.

Seek help

You should seek help from family or friends if the cabinets you are assembling are complex. If it is extremely complex, you might need to hire the services of a carpenter to help you fix it. You should know that this comes at a price, thus, the need to factor it in when deciding which cabinets you want to buy.

If you follow these three simple steps, your kitchen remodeling will be very smooth.