# What is life insurance?

This is a paid contract between you and your insurance company which ultimately helps by lifting the financial burden of death from your loved ones who might otherwise be burdened by the event. This is an important safety net for everyone who is financially dependent on you. In this, after death, a lump sum is paid to a chosen beneficiary, which can be anyone whom you chose, most people choose their child or spouse either for clearing their debts or providing money to someone to comfortably live off.

This provided money is called a death benefit and the amount given to your dependents will be outlined in the particular life insurance that you choose.

# Do I need a life insurance policy?

Anyone who would be put at financial risk due to their death needed a life insurance policy for their family members to lift their burden after death.

Below some key factors are mentioned to consider whether a person needs a life insurance policy or not?

  • If any of your beneficiaries would be unable to live comfortably without any income that case life insurance will help in covering this.
  • The final funeral will expense a lot but if you have life insurance then this will ultimately lift the financial burden.
  • When anyone dies then the death would ruin their business and financially destroy their family, in such cases they can depend on life insurance to survive.
  • Everyone has significant debts that their loved ones are unable to pay off after death, so life insurance helps a lot.

This is not necessarily important for everyone to have life insurance but it is good to keep in mind that premiums and prices on life insurance for people who are young and in good health condition will always be at lower prices. If you are deciding to lock any affordable price premium on life insurance quotes online then do it sooner rather than later. Here you will be provided different and multiple policies to compare so that your time and money both remain. This will ultimately give you and your loved one’s peace of mind.


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