There are many factors that homeowners have to keep in mind when they are choosing kitchen cabinets. The cabinetry units play a key role in determining the aesthetic value of a kitchen, thus, the importance of ensuring that you get it right. Designs like shaker kitchen cabinets have been trending and many homeowners buying into them. Are they good for your kitchen? Well, this review will give you a hint of this cabinetry style and whether to choose it or not.

Defining shaker cabinetry

There are many ways you could define shaker kitchen cabinets; however, the simplest form of definition is that shaker-style cabinets are units that are simple with a touch of aesthetics. The design of this cabinetry style relies on simplicity, thus, encouraging the concept of minimalism in the kitchen.

Pros and cons of shaker-style cabinets

One of the best ways of evaluating the goodness of a cabinetry unit is by examining its pros and cons. Here are the pros and cons of shaker cabinetry.

The pros:

Timeless design

One of the benefits of simplicity is timelessness. There is no trend that can go beyond simplicity. Owners of shaker kitchen cabinets will always have trending cabinetry units because shaker-style can transcend through the decades without losing its touch.

Easy to maintain

They are also very easy to maintain. You will not be struggling when keeping your cabinetry clean. Their simplistic nature makes them have fewer surfaces, meaning that you have lesser work when cleaning the cabinetry because dirt and grease are not collected. The amount of effort that you need to take care of these cabinets is minimal.


These cabinets also appeal to a wide range of buyers. They look modern but also have the classic appeal that makes them ideal for old homeowners.


One of the top benefits of shaker kitchen cabinets is affordability. Even with a tight budget for your kitchen renovation, you can always find a perfect set of cabinets for your kitchen.

The cons:

Doesn’t fit in all homes

The kind of simplicity that shaker cabinets have doesn’t make them fit in all homes. People with large kitchens may find this style too simple. Therefore, it is a style that is limited to people with small or medium-sized kitchens.


You can check the pros and cons and determine if shaker cabinetry is something that you would consider in your kitchen based on your needs.


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