What are the factors that you considered when you chose the cabinetry that you have? You will be surprised to know that most homeowners just chose a color that they were about. This is one of the criteria that can be used, but it is not the only one.

Top factors to consider when choosing the right color

If you want to be a pro when designing the look of your kitchen, you need to consider a few factors. Just before you settle on your favorite blue and white kitchen cabinets, you should ask yourself if they are ideal for your kitchen.

The following are the factors that should guide your decision:

  1. Lighting in the kitchen

When talking about the color of the kitchen cabinets, you can’t escape lighting. It is the top factor that most interior designers consider when helping their clients to decide on which color schemes to have.

The rule is simple; avoid dark colors if you have no lighting in your room. The reasoning behind this rule is that your room will look smaller than it is. Choosing a mixture like blue and white kitchen cabinets can work if you don’t have sufficient lighting.

An ideal solution for this would be to install more lighting fixtures. You can add as many as you want, provided you don’t spoil the overall look of your kitchen.

  1. Space

The floor space is also a major factor of consideration for anyone who intends to change colors in their kitchen. Just like lighting, space is also precise in its requirement. The basic rule is that you should avoid dark colors if you don’t have enough space.

The reason behind this is that dark cabinetry absorbs light and makes the kitchen look smaller. When you have a bigger kitchen space, you can install any color that you want.

  1. The overall style of the kitchen

You also need to think about your kitchen as a wholesome unit. Let’s say you add blue and white kitchen cabinets, would they rhyme with the appliances and the walls? If your response is yes, then you can proceed. But don’t make his decision based on your feeling; consult a professional. The other alternative is to check online images of kitchen cabinetry that you want in your home.


If you consider these factors, you will get the right cabinetry color for your home. Don’t limit yourself to the traditional color schemes when there is a lot that you can explore here.


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