Have you at any time wondered how some brands seem to have a sixth sense around what will be hot with consumers next? Well, there is no need to panic since you can also master the art of using social sentiment to anticipate trends in your vertical without the hassle. And you don’t have to go overboard since you can use a powerful next generation Artificial Intelligence-powered social analytics tool to power your search.


In fact, performing Sentiment Analysis on Tweets & Trends is what you need to leave competitors in awe of your predictive capabilities. And there is nothing wrong with that as it is the ideal way to respond to top consumer whims. After all, your competitors surely will if you forget all about it.


That said, below are some of the most effective ways to use social sentiment to anticipate trends in your vertical without the hassle.


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Look and Listen for Trends

Keeping a close eye on Sentiments Behind Trends to terms and topics tells you a lot, but it’s not the full story. To have a smooth ride, it is in your best interest to analyze Social Sentiment within images as well. Keep in mind social users share images constantly, but they don’t always tag brands in their images. For this reason, it is quite easy to miss a lot of information in the long run.


The good news is understanding the content within images can indicate trends as well. Actually, brands can capture objects, memes, scenes, faces, and emotions. This is precisely what you need to add greater depth and context to your keyword and audience analysis. Better, it helps you capture a complete picture for your brand hassle-free.


Be Trendelligent

You have to be Trendelligent to avoid gambling with your business planning or prediction. After all, this is one of the best ways to know the real Sentiment behind that trend. The catch lies in finding a reputable Machine Learning platform that provides Sentiments Analysis on Tweets and Trends.


To lend a helping hand, be sure to check out Cognitiev. For those who might not know, Cognitiev deploys one of the best AI models backed by one of the most robust Machine learning platforms on the market. Get in touch with them today to find out more about what they bring to the table before deciding on anything.