Summersand winters can make your life a living hell if your HVAC system is also bleeding you dry. Internal heating and cooling can make your utility bills skyrocket but the alternative isn’t pretty either. Are there ways to reduce heating and cooling costs?

The good news is that we have compiled the top tips to not only make the best out of your HVAC system but also reduce your bills at the same time. Have a look at these cost saving tips in a HVAC system.

Prevent Heating And Cooling From Escaping

If your home is a bit old, chances are that the cool and heated air from your HVAC system is leaking out into the neighbourhood through cracks, doors, windows, or other small spaces. To determine whether that is the case, have an energy audit done in your home via a local contractor or a utility provider.

The licenced auditor will check your home for leaks and recommend the ideal ways to make it energy efficient and reduce your energy bills. You can do the energy audit yourself if you don’t want to spring the service. Simply stand outside your house and run your hands over the door and windows with the heating and cooling on full blast.

Keep The Temperature Low

Even during summer, temperatures tend to drop at nights so you don’t have to turn on the AC full blast to get a good night’s sleep. Actually, you should lower it to the point that you only need a light blanket to keep the chill off. Be sure to use a smart thermostat to set the temperature range for the night so you don’t have to do it manually every time. During the day, maintain a comfortable temperature. Luckily, some residential and commercial HVAC units come with energy saving modes to maintain a tolerable temperature.


Your HVAC system is good as how it is used. The above tips can go a long way in helping reduce energy bills and keeping your family comfortable. Only use complex techniques after consulting with experts.