Badminton is probably a game of skill and technique, and so you ought to be very precise and careful on how you’re playing since it has a direct effect on your performance. Of course, you cannot become a pro badminton player not unless your technique is right. And just like other sports, there are some certain do’s and don’ts of badminton that you must know for you to excel in sports.

Actually, practicing and learning from professionals can for sure add value to your game as well as improve your technique. Furthermore, avoiding mistakes can elevate your game and make you a better player. Below are some of the most common and occurring mistakes that every badminton player needs to avoid.

Wrong Backhand Grip

Gripping a badminton racket is definitely one of the most crucial things every badminton player ought to learn. The right grip, most especially the backhand grip can either make you a hero or loser. The only difference in this is how you grip the racket and hit the shuttle. Most beginners don’t really know the correct technique of backhand grip.

In the backhand, grip you’ll have to ensure your thumb touches 3rd bevel and your index finger must also be under the thumb position.If you don’t follow these crucial steps, you might end up getting a wrist injury. You have to work on the backhand grip until you follow the correct way if you want to level up your game. The good news is joining a reputable badminton training Singapore institution can help do the trick.

No Follow-Up Steps

Working on your follow-up steps is probably necessary for improving your game to stand out in a badminton competition. Most players usually never bother to consider the footwork after they hit or smash the shuttle. They in turn stay still, wait for the shuttlecock to come back from the opposite end then hit it again. No wonder follow-up steps are indeed essential in maintaining your momentum if you’re hitting from the back-end side.

Of course, you can reach the shuttle late if you’re not used to taking follow-up steps. In badminton, such small things count a lot and can terribly affect your performance. Leveling up your game will demand continuous but calculated footwork even if you play back-to-back follow-up shots. So, always ensure you work on the follow-up technique for you to see a rise in your performance graph.