Bit Index AI website

Bit Index AIis a web-based crypto speculation platform. The platform is said to use artificial intelligence technology to automate crypto trading. This crypto robot has gone overboardthanks to its high profitability and many users have rated extremely very well on review sites. Experts also agree that it’s a worthwhile investment. Interestingly, many of its users claim using its powerful compounding tool to build fortunes within months.

Thereviewers report amazing daily returns of up to 60% in high market volatility. But is this platform a scam or a genuine online investment? We have sorted data to find out the truth about this platform. Here are facts about Bit Index AI website you should know.

HowDoes Bit Index AI Work?

Well, the Bit Index AI system is built to merge with the underlying brokers trading system. All trading takes place through the financial brokers in partnership with this bot. the robot reportedly takes control of the MT4 or the proprietary software provided by the broker.

You don’t need to master the brokers system since the robot provides its user interface. The bot controls the brokers system in the background. Apartfrom linking BitIndex AIto liquidity providers, the underlying brokers facilitate all client transactions.

As stated before, this platform is specially designed for the complete beginner. It automates all trading so as users do not need to understand any trading terminology to use it. The technical information is for illustrative purpose only.

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SecureTrading Environment

Safety tests have been conducted on Bit Index AI platforms and found them secure. The safety tests include penetration testing on the robots official logon page. Keep in mind login page security is always the first line of defence against attacks. This is because many data breaches begin with a compromised login page.

Bit Index AI offiziell website is built on the military grade AES256 encryption protocol. This protocol prevents all attacks including complicated ones. Furthermore, the platform requires all traders to agree to a strict password protection policy.


Experts have subjected this crypto robot to thorough testing and concluded it’s legit. It operates in the full transparency of block chain technology. However, this robot could be a super performer if the grater user reviews are anything to go by. But don’t take profitability is guaranteed since there is likelihood of losses in unexpected markets events. In short, you should not wonder what makes Bit Index AI legit.