The rising incidence of illnesses coupled with the increasing medical inflation has made health insurance plans a must. In most states, there are more than two dozen insurance companies offering great health deals. Each plan has its set of unique selling propositions that sets it apart from the rest.

In such cases, if you are in the market for a health plan, the choices might overwhelm you. First, let’sunderstand how to zero in on the right insurance company. The next step will be to explore and find the right policy. Consider the factors below as you choose your health insurance plan.


The first factor to consider is the coverage benefits that are offered by different companies. Most plans offer the basic coverage benefits so look for plans that have unique features. First, access your coverage needs and then look for plans that offer those. For instance, if you are planning to have a child in the near future, look for plans that offer maternity coverage.

Alternatively, if your family is complete, skip such plans. Second, look for additional benefits that might enhance the scope of coverage. Choose a plan that has the most comprehensive scope of coverage. This would minimise your expenses and give you better financial security.

Co-Payment Clauses

Health insurance plans might have co-payment clauses for different reasons. Co-payment means that in every instance of a claim, you are supposed to pay the specific part of the claim from your pockets. Common co-payment clauses are applicable in some instances.

For instance, if the insured is aged 61 years and above at the time of buying the policy, these clauses are applicable. Look for health insurance plans that do not have the co-payment clause. Even if the clause is unavoidable opt for plans with a lower co-payment rate.


Justcomparing insurance quotes and buyinghealth insurance is not enough. You need to ensure you have picked the right insurer as well as the right plan. So, keep the aforementioned points in mind and do your due research to select the right plan.