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Tips For Better Fleet Management


In most cases, your business depends on your vehicles and their drivers performing at the highest level. But maintaining a high level of performance all day is the easier said than done. Fleet costs per driver continue to rapidly increase over and over. You might be in a position to pay for a high performing fleet at the moment, but how much will it last?

The good news is that with just a few changes to your fleet management practices, you can see measurably better productivity, less downtime and more cost-effective operations. It doesn’t matter of you manage several trucks or nationwide fleet. Here, we have compiled a list of fleet management tips that will work for you.

Set Purchasing Requirements

You might be able to find some perfect deals hopping from one market to another, but standardizing your vehicle purchases is more cost-effective in the long run. This is easier to do if purchasing is done by the fleet manager, but many companiesallow head of departmentsto purchase their own vehicles.

If possible, require all purchasing to go through one fleet manager. Whether it’s possible or not, be sure to publish a checklist of required features of all vehicles purchases that authorized purchasing agents must follow.

Optimize Fleet Usage

The larger a fleet gets, the more likely inefficiencies Willy creep in simply because of how much more activity occurs. Some drivers tend to make unnecessary trips. Employees will try to sneak personal travel in the mix. Perform periodic audits of your logs looking for unnecessary travel.

Communicate any concerns to drivers so they are aware that you’re monitoring performance. You can also try to see if you can make any modifications to your driver’s checklist or logging that might prevent unnecessary trips from happening in the first place.

Wrapping Up

Finally, choosing the right tools can make fleet management simple. Try putting together some of the fleet management tips mentioned above with reliable technology. Doing that will help you improve how you manage your business fleet. In return, there will be high productivity. Ensure you know what is fleet management because deciding on anything.

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