So, what is autofocus? Well, this is a feature of a camera that tries to ensure that your chosen subject is sharp within the photo. Sensors tend to detect how far away the subject is from the camera, and such information is relayed to the lens, which the uses an electronic motor. Most point and shoot cameras are autofocus only, but all DSLRs and mirrorless cameras have the option to disable AF if desired.

Actually, the first autofocus camera were developed in the late 1970s and their speed and accuracy has been improved greatly since that time. Today, cameras have incredibly complex and dedicated AF sensors that analyze the scene through the viewfinder. Below are more things you should know about the best autofocus camera.

What Does MF Mean On A Camera?

Simply, it is known as manual focus. When a camera or lens has MF written on the side of it, it’s usually indicating the position of a switch that will change the camera or lens from manual focus mode to autofocus mode. In manual focus mode, you must rotate the focus rating on the lens to achieve correct focus on your subject.

On the other hand, in autofocus mode, the camera will attempt to focus on the correct subject for you. It may also be referred to as medium format which refers to film or digital cameras where the image capture area is much larger than standard 35mm sizing.

How AF Works In A DSLR Or A Mirrorless Camera?

When using a modern DSLR, you might not be aware that it has two different AF systems. One is used when images are composed in the viewfinder and the other one is used in live view or video mode when the image is composed on the screen.

Mirrorless cameras work in the equivalent of live view mode all the time, so they just have one AF system. When you are using the viewfinder in a DSLR, the main reflex mirror reflects light into the viewfinder.

Final Thoughts

Autofocus is an important aspect to consider wile buying your camera. Ensure you have enough knowledge about autofocus and how it works. That will help you make the right decision hence buy a camera with an autofocus. For more details, rely on reputable websites that will give you a clear information about the autofocus and reasons you should consider it.