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Common Problems with Tiny House Insurance You Should Know


Living in a tiny house brings with it a host of benefits. After all, you get to save money that would otherwise go into paying for a home mortgage. It doesn’t end at that since you have the freedom to change your home’s location without feeling the heat.

But with this type of house also comes a set of its own challenges. And among the most common challenges you might contend with entails insuring your tiny house. You might think it is all about getting and comparing insurance quotes, and you’re good to go.

While it is among the things you should do, there is more to insuring your tiny house than meets the eye. That being said, below are some of the common problems with tiny house insurance.


You may sometimes have to put additional strains on your wallet before getting insurance for your small home. This is mostly the case when your tiny home doesn’t follow building codes. No wonder you must convince an insurance company to bend the rules. Once a company does this, there is a high possibility that they will set a huge fee. But this is far better than having no insurance coverage.

You Might Struggle to Get Insurance Coverage

Since THOWs are an unconventional way of living, you may take long before insuring it. THOWs are somewhere in between real homes and recreational homes. For this reason, getting a homeowners insurance is often an improbable option. The good news is you can reach an agreement with an insurance company.

Through this agreement, they can work a deal that covers your small house. For example, you can decide to remove the wheels. This action changes the tiny home from a THOW to a house on a foundation.

Insurance Companies Follow Building Codes

Most tiny homes don’t conform to building codes. For this reason, they’re rendered ineligible for standard homeowners’ insurance. This is because insurance companies find it hard to classify small dwellings. To avoid getting into this situation, you can buy a tiny house from a licensed manufacturer.

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