Yoga helps in keeping body and mind healthy in many ways. With the help of Yoga, you can maintain your beauty and beauty for a long time. We are going to tell you the same seven asanas that will help keep your body young. Plus increase the face of your face.

Lion’s face (Simhasana):

Breathe slowly and keep it for a while. Then you pulled out your tongue. Open your eyes as completely as you can. Take this seat out of your mouth and sit as much as possible. It enhances blood circulation in your body. It also eliminates muscle tension.

Fish-like pose (Matsyasana):

In this posture, the shape of the body becomes like a fish, hence it is called a Matsyasana. You take a long breath to do this posture. Hold it for a while First sit down and apply Padmasana. Then, in the position of Padmasana, carefully look back and lie down. Keep in mind that while lying down, stay close to both knees. Then, with the help of both hands, the chikhaasthan is placed on the ground. Then keep the toe of the left toe and the two anusms from the ground. Start from one minute to five minutes and increase exercises. Then open your head with the help of hands, and put the back to the ground, with the back of the ground. Then get up and sit with the help of hands While keeping the asana, maintain the speed of breathlessness normal.

This increases the eyesight of the eyes. The throat remains clear and chest and stomach diseases are removed. The speed of blood circulation increases, there is no skin disease. Asthma patients get benefit from this. Stomach fat decreases. Cough is away.

Eye-workout (Netrason):

Take a deep breath and keep your neck straight. Turn your eyes on the left. Try to stay in this state for some time. After a few seconds turn your eyes on the right side. Keep repeating this process. Eyelids should rotate completely in such a direction. Keep this in mind.

Yoga from Cheek:

Fill the air as much as possible in your mouth. Then stop it for a while. Your cheek will bloom completely because it is full of air. Stay in this condition for 30 to 60 seconds. Then leave the breath in the mouth through the nose. Repeat this process three to six times.

Yoga with palms:

Rubbing your palms and giving them warmth. Then close your eyes and cover them with your arms. Then breathe through both nostrils of your nose. Stop the delay as long as possible. This will comfort your eyes. You will feel relaxed. The stress of your muscles will be far away. Keep in mind that cover the face completely with warm palms.

Neck work:

You sit in a straight line Your spinal cord should be straightforward. Straighten your hands. Then gently fold the hands. Then after that straighten it. This will give you relief from neck pain. You will get relief in the neck muscles. Keep the neck straight.

Yoga from lips:

Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Stubbornly close your lips as close as possible. Then make your face tough. You try to do this as you are trying to stop yourself from crying. Then loosen your face and loosen your face. The longer they could be able to stay Keep breaths in check. Breathe when needed. This will exercise your whole face and get comfort.


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