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Originally published as Why do many guys think "36d" is the perfect cup size for women? Did you see Detective Chinatown 3? I don't know if it was because the original expectations were too big, but Xiuer felt disappointed after reading it. Compared with the first and second films, the detective part of Tang Tan 3 seems to be weakened, and the whole film looks more like a comedy. But if you look at it as a comedy, it's not funny enough. Forgive me for not getting some of the old and vulgar jokes in the film. In particular, the film's most controversial "Tokyo fever",large print tape measure, "good breasts", "36d" and other straight men's bad taste stem, really let people have a trace of embarrassment.. Expand the full text Also do not know from when to start,custom tailor tape, a lot of straight men think that the most perfect bust for women is 36d, so the movie set up such a "36d" decryption of the stem.. We won't talk much about the plot here. But from our professional point of view, Xiuer can reasonably infer that "36d" is just a perfect cup imagined by a straight man. Why do you say that? Let me show you the underwear size chart first: As you can see from the table, the lower bust of the "36D" cup is about 80 cm, that is to say, bra tape measure ,bespoken tape measure, at the bottom of the breast, the area above the waist must be 80 cm. To be honest, this size is not very thin. Let me give you some intuitive examples. When we see plump female stars, we often guess that "she is definitely 36D", but I'm afraid we think too much, how can female stars who are extremely strict with their figure tolerate their bottom circumference of 36.. For example, sexy goddess Liu Yan, she definitely does not look like the kind of thin figure, right? But her bottom circumference is only 30. Sister Chi Ling is so tall that her skeleton should be a little bigger, but her bottom circumference is only 34. So the "36d" cup size is not the perfect figure of "super slim and full breasts" in men's fantasies. In reality, the bottom of the 36d is either fleshy or has a larger skeleton. It actually looks more like the following: If a well-proportioned and slim girl is wearing a "36d" cup bra, it may be for the convenience of buying underwear. In fact, she may be a "32E"/ "34F" cup, but the largest cup produced by most ordinary bras on the market is "36d". In order to wrap the chest, she will choose "36D". Of course, Xiuer still does not recommend girls with big breasts to choose underwear, ill-fitting underwear is very harmful to the chest,retractable tape measure sewing, now many underwear brand sizes are also very complete, no size underwear is also very popular, so we must not "save trouble" to choose inappropriate underwear. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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