Going through files in your Android device can at times prove difficult especially when they are hidden in a different location. Hidden files can lead to increased stress levels as they will make you go through a lot before finally getting what you may be looking for. However, this does not always have to be the case since there are quite a number of apps that can act as your file manager. One such app is the famous Solid Explorer which has gained immense popularity ever since it was first released for use.If you have never installed this app, here are some of its notable features that you need to be aware of.

  • Root Explorer

Are you tired of root explorers that do not work? If yes then Solid Explorer is exactly the app that you need to install in your Android smartphone as it offers assistance in system level operations such as editing configuration files, changing permissions just to mention a few. Actually, with Solid Explorer, you will be able to browse the system folders and perform every operation from renaming, copying, moving and deleting.

  • Powerful Archiver

For those who wish to store their files without being tampered by any other person, Solid Explorer will help you create encrypted zip and 7zip archives. In addition, it also allows users to extract the encrypted Zip, 7Zip, TAR, RAR and TAR.BZ2 archives without having to go through a lot.The designers of this app have also made it better by designing it in such a way that it supports splitted archives.

  • Chromecast Streaming

Solid Explorer allows users the chance of casting your media files to the Chromecast from any location that you term appropriate. You should not worry about using this feature since the user experience is quite similar to the one used in Google apps. When the Chromecast is present, you will be able to see a cast icon. This can either be in the action bar or any other place that is visible. To start casting, you are only required to tap on this icon after which you can select the target device.

  • Puts Files in Order

What makes Solid Explorer worth installing is the fact that it will categorize all your files and make them available for access in one location. Actually, all the photos, music, videos and apps are automatically grouped into four categories. You will thus find it easy in retrieving any file that you wish to use.

Solid Explorer is readily available on Google Plays store. All you have to do is visit the store before downloading it into your device. Once downloaded you can install it before enjoying the numerous features that it comes with. By installing Solid Explorer, you are sure to get the most out of your Android device as it lets you access all your files within a split of a second.


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