A web optimization campaign starts from the design and then the development of the web: place the title tags correctly, images with additional information, descriptive addresses, clean code and easy to “digest”, a logical structure, add relevant links, content worked and interesting, etc. These are basic, common sense things, some responsibility of the web designer, others of the developer, others of the person or team in charge of creating the content and others of someone who understands how this positioning works.

Google and the other search engines are animals that eat text and something else. Feed them, the more the better, and you’ll have them happy. The rest will come. Search engines do not see web pages as people see them. They are limited to reading the content and making assumptions from the data they collect, so it is important to try to get in place. A web positioning professional is someone who understands and knows the search engine, who knows how to help you with aggressive campaigns and tricks to get quick results.

In other words, it is important to see our new website as an organism, something alive that we have to feed and that has to serve readers and users, not the Google search engine. It is ultimately about creating websites accessible to search engines, but made for users. The best strategy should be, after having a solid base on which to work, to give interest, to make it unique and bright in some respect, to be able to differentiate ourselves from other competitors. That is, in highlighting.

As we have seen, if we have a website and we want to appear in the results of Google we have two options: pay to be the first or work the contents of our website, so that the search engine identifies us as a solution to the needs of the user. It will be important that, if you do not control the entire world of digital marketing and you do not have time to take care of everything that is published on your website, you value the option of hiring SEO Company San Diego, you are a company that has just been born or one that takes time in search engines, but that does not have a good web positioning.

Everyone who works in the digital world knows that SEO positioning is not a job that can be done overnight, so we recommend that you distrust SEO with those who can ensure you a web positioning or results in one week. In addition, as it is a very detailed and precise work, which involves many hours of research and analysis, distrust the agencies that give you an excessively cheap price or give the same price interchangeably.

Just as you have investigated the image that your clients and the web users have about the SEO company that you are going to hire, try looking for it in the search engines to see how their search engine positioning is. You can also choose to search several agencies on the web and contact those that have a better SEO web positioning and then analyze all the aspects that we are recommending.


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